Did you know that West Physio provides care and treatment for:


  • newly diagnosed lymphedema
  • ongoing management of lymphedema
  • physical limitations and side effects due to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer




Lymphedema is chronic swelling of a body part caused by a build up of lymph fluid.


Lymphedema mostly effects hands/arms, feet/legs or the torso.


If you have had cancer, radiation treatment, surgery, trauma or a genetic deficiency that has affected your lymph nodes, you are at a lifetime risk.


There is no cure for lymphedema but this condition can be managed through early detection, different treatments and ongoing self-care.


Lymphedema Management


The goal of lymphedema treatment is to help reduce and control swelling in the short and long term.


The best treatment is called Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) from a certified lymphedema therapist.


CDT includes:


  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD): a specialized massage to redirect lymph fluid to improve lymph flow, direct fluid to other drainage pathways, and unblock or soften hard tissue
  • Compression therapy: the use of compression garments to control swelling
  • Skin care education to avoid infection
  • Exercises to promote lymphatic function and flow